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Zodiac Signs and Meanings - Cancer


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Cancer represents the principle of the growth. The energy concentrates and the area of activity begins to be narrowly defined. Cancer´s mission is integration.
Cancer begins to fill the so far neglected emotional aspect of the human. In traditional astrology Cancer means the connection with home, family and the already mentioned emotions. In women we could talk about the maternal instinct.

Period of Cancer (21 - 28 years)
It is the first quadrant of youth. We start to search for our place in the world, we leave our home and we start a family and we build our own homes and dwellings.

Cancer June 22 – July 1 - under the influence of Venus
They are good, passionate, sensitive and they have a flair for art. They are able to make those around them to love them.

Cancer July 2 – July 11 - under the influence of Mercury
They are careless, curious, ironic.

Cancer July 12 – July 22 - under the influence of the Moon
They are dreamy, restless, sensitive, they enjoy bohemian way of life and they are attracted by the occult.

Suitable precious stone:

Element : Water
Dynamics : cardinal
Ruler : Luna
Sign: water
Nature: flegmatic
Lucky years: 22-26, 31-42
Compatibility with: Scorpio, Picses
Correlated colour: silver
Correlated metal: silver
Inferior part of the body: breats, stomach, liver, gall bladder
Sign stone: jasper, aventurine, coral, jade, carnelian, diamond, chalcedony, adular, opal, emerald, pearls
Lucky numbers: 9, 81, 369, 3321
Lucky day: Monday
Lucky flower: poppy
Spiritual protector: Dionysus
Pleasant scent: iris
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