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Capricorn - horoscope 2019


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Thanks to your creativity and natural skills you will get to the centre of attention in 2019. You will manage to develop your skills. However, you should not forget about your personal life. Build a background that will provide you with enough latitude to be able to show your skills to other people. On the other hand it is clear that you have a lot of responsibilities in your life. Do not deprive yourself of little details that make life beautiful. Do not be a mere spectator of life around you.


Your hard work and ambitions of the past few days will finally bring the fruits of success. The year 2019 means your career promotion. In the first half of the year your unstable position will stabilize and you will acquire a feeling of peace and concentration. New opportunities and work promotion will come this year. Those who are business people will see positive results in the second half of the year. Rely on your inner force and intelligence.


Your love life in 2019 will be as calm and peaceful as deep sea. Focus only on you and your partner. Pay attention to the desires and wishes of your partner and tell him /her your needs and visions. It will refresh your relationship and it will create pleasant waves on otherwise peaceful waters of your relationship. If you are single believe that wild waves will come to your calm waters when you least expect it. You can expect an exctiting period full of hope, expectations, recognizing and desire. It is only up to you if you have a short love affair or if you establish a long-term relationship. The possibility of choice will come at the beginning of the second half of the year.

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