The origin of Chinese horoscope


In the Chinese horoscope the date of birth is determinant, too. However, its arrangement and other processes are different. It consists of twelve signs (just as the traditional horoscope) and their origin is as follows:

"Wise Buddha held a great feast to which he invited all representatives of the animal kingdom to emphasize the unity and equality of all animal beings. The first guest to appear was the Rat, followed by the Ox, later the Tiger arrived and soon all the twelve animals were there. After eating the festive meal Buddha decided that all these animals deserved a reward. He wondered how to reward them for a long time. Finally he decided to entrust the governmenr over one year to each animal."

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Chinese signs relate to all year, not only to one month as in the traditional astrology. Therefore you cannot compare a person´s character according to the Chinese sign with the character according to the usual sun sign in our astrology.

The origin of Chinese horoscope - Elements

There are five elements in the Chinese astrology: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Every element has a certain meaning which is interpreted together with the Chinese sign. It is applicable for two years and it repeats in the cycle of twelve signs.

Each element has the ability to dominate or destroy other element and create a new one. (You will get the element for your year of birth inserting the specific year into the form window above this text.)

Wood is green and it symbolizes spring and sensuality. It needs water and it has two equal emotional powers: anger and altruism. It makes people expanding, sociable and conscious. Wood creates Fire.

Fire is red and it corresponds to hot weather, drough and dust. Fire gives warmth or burns and a Fire person has to seek for balance between destroying hot-headedness and pleasant warmth. Fire people are passionate, impatient and explossive. They must try to control their passionateness. Dust creates Earth.

Earth is yellow and it corresponds to autumn. It means balance and the midpoint between the beginning and the end. Earth is mild and it has two opposite but equal powers – it can nourish or suffocate. The first of these powers nourishes the growth. The second one is too caring and it suffocates. An Earthly person is fair and is able to reach great results without special effort. Earth creates Metal.

Metal is white and it corresponds to the cold and crispy winter weather. People of this element are talkative and have an extraordinary ability to pick quarrels. They should try to balance it with their other gift – creating harmony. Metal is the beginning of the winter and in the horoscope it may mean sadness and dejection. Its two strengths are melancholy and romance therefore people should not let themselves succumb to sorrow and nostalgy. Metal enables Water to flow through the crevices of Earth.

Water is blue and it corresponds to the winter in its full swing. It is in constant movement, flowing and changing. People of this element are perceptive and they often have a musical talent. They do not miss anything, they are sensitive and mentally fragile. They often suffer from stress and tension. They are hypersensitive and touchy which they have to balance with kindness and sympathy. Water is sometimes too permeable and Water people should not occupy themselves with other people´s problems too much. Water gives life to Wood.

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