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Magical sigil for today:

„ The people from my neighborhood will stop keeping secrets. ”

Cyclic horoscope

It explains the effect of Nature and its then condition on the human at the moment of his/her birth. If you are interested in it look at the following table:

Period of awakening    ( 21st March 19th April )
Period of growth    ( 20th April 20th May )
Period of blossom    ( 21st May 20th June )
Period of long days    ( 21st June 21st July )
Period of ripening    ( 22nd July 21st August )
Period of harvesting    ( 22nd August 21st September )
Period of falling leaves    ( 22nd September 22nd October )
Period of first frosts    ( 23rd October 22nd November )
Period of long nights    ( 23rd November 21st December )
Period of deep sleep    ( 22nd December 19th January )
Period of silence    ( 20th January 18th February )
Period of renewal    ( 19th February 20th March )

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Period of falling leaves