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Apart from the general description of the zodiac sign it is possible to read from the stars a current daily forecast. The horoscope for your sign is waiting for you under the particular icon.

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Daily horoscope - for today

Aries / (21.3.-20.4.)

Your boat is likely to experience a significantly rough sea and you, together with your belongings, may be thrown overboad. Be prepared to swim to the shore. The key to keep your sanity is to have your feet on solid ground and maintain stability – especially when it comes to your unstable emotions. Issues related to homes and people´s possessions are always a sensitive area. You will find the answers in your heart.
» Aries tomorrow horoscope ..

Taurus / (21.4.-21.5.)

You may get an unexpected letter or phonecall, but you do not have to expect the worst news for today. It is rather an unpleasant failure which forces you more and more to go astray from the way you have planned to follow. You may expect problems with your computer, mobile phone or other technical devices. Be strong and do all you can to move forward. Getting mad will not help you.
» Taurus tomorrow horoscope ..

Gemini / (22.5.-21.6.)

Pleasant dreams may wake up your imagination and start your artistic skills. You can learn a lot of things about yourself and about everything that has been restricting you. Note down everything that comes to your mind to be able to work with it later on but do not attempt to understand it today. Hold on a moment and decide about things in a more practical light. The difference will surprise you.
» Gemini tomorrow horoscope ..

Cancer / (22.6.-22.7.)

Do not hesitate to say loud what is right even though it means to face someone powerful. So be it. The slightest injustice must not be accepted. When you say your opinion which you are forced to, it will invoke respect in others. You have been waiting for that for a long time and it has caused a lot of good.
» Cancer tomorrow horoscope ..

Leo / (23.7.-22.8.)

Today rage and anger may appear, caused by past injustice which brought you even to tears in the past. Do not fight it. Just find a place where you can retire and let it come out. It is only a manifestation of your personal and spiritual growth. A break from the past opens new horizons to the future. Tomorrow after waking up you will feel as a new person.
» Leo tomorrow horoscope ..

Virgo / (23.8.-22.9.)

You will probably be in a perfect agreement with the upcoming day. Of course, you would love to escape immediately from the reality and trouble. But in a different moment, when you are so empatethic and it is easy to listen to other people – like today – the life becomes valuable. People perceive your company as calming and pleasing and they are grateful for it. Aren´t days like today amazing?
» Virgo tomorrow horoscope ..

Libra / (23.9.-23.10.)

Put on the best dress you have today. Do not be afraid of wearing heels and go to the town. It is a good time to go out with friends, establish new friendships and enjoy a great time. Put your troubles aside, join your friends and experience fund and merrimaking with them. Smile and you will see that any door you point at will open in fron of you.
» Libra tomorrow horoscope ..

Scorpio / (24.10.-22.11.)

You will have a need to spend some time on your own today and restore your functioning. The influence of other people may be seeping through to your soul. There is no reason to do or say things other people want you to. Your sensitivity helps you understand other people but it may also bring you down on your knees if you let them bother you with their troubles. Try to balance this tendency with using your energy.
» Scorpio tomorrow horoscope ..

Sagittarius / (23.11.-21.12.)

Your indecision may leave you helpless at the crossroads today. People from your surroundings may equally indecisively look for their direction. At the same time you may feel tension which forces you get down to action but you are tired of constant waiting for other people´s first step. Look for the answers in easy solutions. There are more possible ways than just one. Your decision will always be right if you are sure about it.
» Sagittarius tomorrow horoscope ..

Capricorn / (22.12.-20.1.)

When it comes to love and romance you may be a bit indecisive lately. Your mind is probably tied to one person while your heart beats for someone else. You may be trying to fool yourself and you want so see only good qualities of this person, meanwhile you ignore qualities which you do not like about him/her. Make sure that you take people as they really are and that you do not focus just on some parts of their personality.
» Capricorn tomorrow horoscope ..

Aquarius / (21.1.-20.2.)

Today, you may want to long for a holiday and you will think of some kind of air tour. Your mind may turn to places such as India, Egypt, Israel or Ireland because you wonder what it is like to enter the sacred ground of these countries. Do not just play with this idea. You have been entitled take a holiday for a long time and such a trip would satisfy your spiritual nature.
» Aquarius tomorrow horoscope ..

Pisces / (21.2.-20.3.)

Now it is a great moment to finish relationships that have nothing to offer. It will not be easy but you have to! Both in your professional and personal life you are indecisive and you have difficulties with getting rid of bad situations and commitments. You are afraid you could hurt other people and make them angry. But in the end it will be you whom you hurt. Take your needs more seriously and take your own way.
» Pisces tomorrow horoscope ..

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