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Horoscope for today based on your zodiac sign


Apart from the general description of the zodiac sign it is possible to read from the stars a current daily forecast. The horoscope for your sign is waiting for you under the particular icon.

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Daily horoscope - for today

Aries / (21.3.-20.4.)

You may feel a bit tired today. It is a good time to put your life in order. You may have received news about someone who caused a lot of pain to you. At this moment you can rely on your partner – he/she will be your support. You will get a chance to regenerate sufficiently. Let other people take care of you for a while.
» Aries tomorrow horoscope ..

Taurus / (21.4.-21.5.)

If you do not take sufficient care of the energy you are using today, you will find out that it all comes back to hit you in the face. Other people are probably as stubborn as you therefore act carefully today. The more you try to control other people and manipulate them the more quarrels will arise. You may lose control over things. Learn to behave friendly and do not take things too seriously.
» Taurus tomorrow horoscope ..

Gemini / (22.5.-21.6.)

You should try to balance your emotions. You tend to go to extremes - you swing to unbelievable hights and subsequently fall into a deep abyss. Your nerve system needs a rest therefore calm down and relax. Go for a walk in the woods. Make sure that whatever you do is sensible and well planned. Also make sure that you have your emotions under control before you are get into contact with people.
» Gemini tomorrow horoscope ..

Cancer / (22.6.-22.7.)

Things will go much better during the day and you will have them under control. As the evening will be approaching superficial people´s attitudes and useless chatter will be replaced with a real and meaningful discussions. In the evening you will find it very easy to get to the heart of matter and be sincere and genuine in your emotions. Judge your emotions from the practical point of view.
» Cancer tomorrow horoscope ..

Leo / (23.7.-22.8.)

Your day will be full of contradictions today. You will skip from one thing to another. It seems that nothing really suits you therefore you will make more effort. Try to be active in a situation that will come as the opposite of the one in which you already are. You can literally bump into a great opportunity but you can also completely miss it if you do not react fast enough.
» Leo tomorrow horoscope ..

Virgo / (23.8.-22.9.)

The circumstances of the day may result in a delicate situation. You may get caught between two millstones. The question is whether to start a war or make peace without having set a solution makes you feel nervous. On one hand you would like to put things in order through reasonable behaviour, on the other hand your hidden self cannot wait to start a nuclear war.
» Virgo tomorrow horoscope ..

Libra / (23.9.-23.10.)

Today it may be difficult to finish uncompleted tasks. Disagreements with other members of the household can bring you to the idea that everyone is against you. That is not true though. Try to be objective and think about other possible points of view. Do not try to turn it into a fight. Stay calm, take a deep breath and try to communicate with others. The results may prove to be nicely surprising.
» Libra tomorrow horoscope ..

Scorpio / (24.10.-22.11.)

Slander that you have just heard may annoy you. You would be happier if it was not true. Do not take anything too personally today. Check all facts before you draw conclusions. There is dissatisfaction in the air and when people are dissatisfied they tend to say things which they actually do not mean seriously. Avoid conflicts – they would only worsen the situation. If it is possible spend some time just on your own.
» Scorpio tomorrow horoscope ..

Sagittarius / (23.11.-21.12.)

You may feel as if you have found yourself in a brand new world, full of hope. People you meet will be hearty and caring and the future will seem as a nice and attractive place to live. In other words, it is as a fairytale dream and the alarm clock is going to wake you up soon. Yes, the wonderful feeling will not last long so take advantage of the whole day. Even reality can sometimes be good.
» Sagittarius tomorrow horoscope ..

Capricorn / (22.12.-20.1.)

This can be one of those days when you feel completely lonely, even though there are hundreds of people around you. None of them is able to understand your point of view though. Your incredible sensitivity and emotionality ranks you to the category 'I will manage myself'. Do not let leave the group. Make friends with others and do not push them away from you. You have many more things in common than you think.
» Capricorn tomorrow horoscope ..

Aquarius / (21.1.-20.2.)

Flexibility is important today. Choose a relaxed, carefree approach. Trying to put your ideas above others at any cost is not the best strategy. The self-propagating visions you have will eventually spoil many things. Keep your mind open and be sensitive towards the opinions and ideas of other people. There is a lot of strength at your fingertips. It would be a pity to waste it only because you do not want to see all the options that are offered to you.
» Aquarius tomorrow horoscope ..

Pisces / (21.2.-20.3.)

Your ambition and will to succeed can be in a contradiction with your feelings today. You may have woked so hard that you have not had enough time for your family and friends - and they are miss. Especially your children are very important to you today. You may doubt about your ability to perform all tasks that are assigned to you. When thinking about your situation be objective and do not let your feelings control you.
» Pisces tomorrow horoscope ..

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