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These loyal friends unequivocally have dogs´ personality and it is worth being in their company. A Dog will become your most reliable companion. Dogs are good workers and they are an important supportive component in a team. Loyalty is the Dogs´credo. They do not like changes and due to their caution they often thwart their own ambitions. They should be more adaptable. There are many traditionalists among Dogs who dislike any innovations.

Dogs learn quite slowly therefore other people have to be patient and they should accept the Dogs´ mistakes. If trained well Dogs can reach success. They are a bit trustful and whatever you tell them they take it seriously.

They are very sociable and they need to express their feelings. They accept other people´s mistakes and if you need to have a weep they are here for you. If they like somebody they stay by him/her in any circumstances – good or bad. If they dislike somebody they are very critical to them and do not appreciate anything they do well.

To reach the best results Dogs need a support. However, some Dogs underestimate themselves because of a lack of confidence. They often let other people control them. Dogs are dependent on external influences and they appreciate commendation.

Dogs are suitable partners for a marriage. They look after their home, their partner and their children. They betray somebody only exceptionally..

They are sympathetic to Tigers and Horses. They do not get on well with Dragons.

Famous people born in this sign:

William Clinton, George W. Busg, Connie Chung, Andre Agassi, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Claudia Schiffer, Elvis Presley, singer Prince, Sally Field, Candice Bergen, David Bowie, Cher, Madonna, Winston Churchill, Liza Minelli, Michael Jackson, Matka Theresa, Linda Ronstadt, Sophie Loren, Sade, Norman Schwarzkopf, Sylvester Stallone, Shelly Winters, Mariah Carey and Rodney Dangerfield.

A chart of compatibility of this sign with other signs:

Rat - They can have a very pleasant marriage. Both of the partners are reasonable, intelligent and unselfish therefore they should not have any disputes.

Ox - Both Oxes and Dogs refuse pettiness and injustice, however, they sometimes commit them. Their relationship requires a lot of compromises.

Tiger - They get on very well together. They support each other and they mutually develop the best qualities. Outwardly they seem to be a modest and warm-hearted couple.

Rabbit - They have a natural sense of cooperation, meanwhile they provide their partner with enough scope for self-realization. They have a prospering and lasting relationship.

Dragon - These two signs are incompatible. They are going in a different direction and their ways do not intersect. The Dragon hurts the Dog and the Dog bites. Their relationship is a reflection of an incessant alternation of love and hate.

Snake - A mystical Snake always makes a usually balanced Dog feel embarrassed. They lack understanding but they are so realistic people that they are able to live in a friendship.

Horse - Partners born in the signs of a Dog and a Horse can be easily distingushed from the others as they have an abnormal understanding for each other. They acknowledge each other´s skills and a need of freedom. They are usually a happy and successful couple.

Sheep - A combination of these two signs usually brings problems. A Sheep tends to be too emotional and a Dog is too impatient.

Monkey - Only if these people are tolerant and capable of a forgiveness they can meet halfway and sail through their life.

Rooster - If they make an agreement that they will share everything and that they will have the same right to decide on things their relationship can work. However, there will be no passion in it.

Dog - Marriages of Dogs tend to be peaceful. They both long for harmony and they appreciate each other. They listen to each other and they are very empathetic.

Pig - Even though a Pig and a Dog are different personalities they are able to have a pleasant and affectionate relationship. They dislike making compromises but they do not mind sharing things.

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