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People born between March 21 and April 19 are called Falcons in the terminology of the Indian horoscope. These people are influenced by the Fire element (power, activity, creativity, will, deeds) and they are ruled by the Eastern wind (self-discipline, intuition, learning). When characterizing each totem we can proceed from the knowledge of the life of animals of the Earth Circle. The same applies on the Falcon. A Falcon is a predator and a keen observer who is always ready to dart to catch his prey. Falcons think that planning is needless – it is just necessary to react in the right time. Due to spontaneity, sometimes even impetuosity, they dart several times before they catch. However, this does not prevent them from further takeoffs.

They firmly believe in their abilities. They consider their set up plans achieved and even though they do not reach them they do not mind. They took a flight, they saw something new and they verified the procedures. Their success will sooner or later come. Their common sense is sometimes hidden behind their temperament and sudden emotional outburst – they react fiercely, directly and without further ado. They should be more careful If they hit it could be very painful with their speed! This may be reflected also in their interpersonal relationships. "Falcons" tend to be direct and sincere when discussing with other people and they hate hypocrisy. They make good employees – they are active and they perform their tasks dutifully. If you make enemies of them it is your fault.

People born in the totem of Falcon hate lay people, opportunists. Never try to play a dirty game with them! As written above – their emotions immediately obscure their mind and they are suddenly high in the sky darting down at you at full speed. Yes, you are right – you are the prey. Among Falcons there are sometimes selfish, rude and inconsiderate individuals. In this case it is better not to stand in their way – they walk directly, without detours and avoidance, otherwise you will not escape a fight. And that is their big (and often quite difficult) task: to acquire skills of being a good listener and learn to dialogue. The comparison hunter – prey can be applied to love matters as well. Of course a Falcon plays the role of the hunter. Falcons act straight, they do not have time to wait.

They are willing to give their darling the Moon but they can get very angry too. If they see an intruder flying around their nest they do not hesitate to eat him/her for dinner. Dear Falcons, be proud but make compromises. Not everyone is your enemy.

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