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Zodiac Signs and Meanings - Gemini


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Gemini are the reflection of the process of forming a relationship and thus another step towards the development of their personality.
While people of the sign of Aries bring energy, the sign of Taurus gives a shape to this energy, Geminy add intellect. As this sign is changeable and airy at the same time, it is the most unstable sign of the zodiac. Gemini´s mission is to strenghten the feeling of security. This sign is traditionally associated with everyday life and with everything that life brings, therefore instability, unrest and ambiguity.

Period of Gemini (14 - 21 years)
The end of childhood quadrant. We start to fully realize our belonging to the human race and we intensely observe in what we are similar to other people and what sets them apart.
Gemini May 21 – May 31 - under the influence of Jupiter
They are clever, they have advanced intuition, they have a flair for art, they are selfless. They find satisfaction in spiritual contemplation.

Gemini June 1 – June 10 - under the influence of Mars
They are aggressive, ironic and anxious. They are often overwhelmed with worries.

Gemini June 11 – June 21 - under the influence of the Sun
They are irrepressible, touchy, talkative, bossy and irritable

Suitable precious stone:

Element : Air
Dynamics : changeable
Ruler : Mercure
Sign: airy, vaporous
Nature: sanquine
Lucky years: 29-38, 52-54
Compatibility with: Libra, Aquarius
Correlated colour: hazelnut
Correlated metal: mercury
Inferior part of the body: lungs, shoulders, arms, hands
Sign stone: carnelian, aquamarine, chalcedony, tiger eye, citrine, crystal, amber
Lucky numbers: 8, 64, 260, 2080
Lucky day: Tuesday
Lucky flower: elderflower
Spiritual protector: Cybele
Pleasant scent: juniper
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