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There are many forms of Horses: some of them still trudge with a plough, others are great racers and brilliant jumpers. There are stubborn horses as well as mustangs. They usually like gathering and they prefer team cooperation but it is said that every 60 years (1906 and 1966) there is a generation of so called Fire Horses and the image changes. The main desire of the Fire Horses is changing present conditions by means of a riot, however, they do not think of the consequences. We must take into consideration that every Horse has got a hidden potential.

Horses usually have a great strength and stamina. They are willing to work hard to earn the living but sometimes they would like to proceed too fast. They do not like when somebody checks them or interferes into their matters. Therefore, they might seem rash or fierce-tempered.

These majestic creatures need to let off steam and tehy love travelling. Conversation is stimulating for them as they like chatting with their friends. The worst thing you can do to a Horse is ignoring him/her.

No matter how honest they are they always have a financial success, however, they are able to waste their money very quickly. They like dressing well and many of them spend a lot of money on clothes. They hire somebody to tidy up their home because earthbound jobs are below their dignity. They are somesimes successful in the world of business and in jobs being related to technical constructions.

Love is sometimes a problem because Horses have a strong will and they are not tolerant. Fortunately they are able to learn to make a compromise. If they experience a breakup they suffer from self-pity and they do admit their fault. However, they usually tend to be reliable.

They are sympathetic with Tigers and Dogs. They do not get on well with Rats.

Famous people born in this sign:

Isaac Newton, Leonard Bernstein, Ross Perot, Clint Eastwood, Frederic Chopin, Neil Armstrong, Mike Tyson, Jimmy Hendrix, Cindy Crawford, Kathleen Turner, Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Joanne Woodward, Andy Williams, Sean Connery, Paul McCarthy, Raquel Welch, Kevin Costner, Louis Pasteur, Harrison Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, James Dean, Linda Evans, John Travolta, Kristi Alley, Anwar Sadat and Billy Graham.

A chart of compatibility of this sign with other signs:

Rat - A Horse thinks that a Rat ties him/her. Horses need freedom and they long for an adventure and flirting, meanwhile Rats are happy in a family circle. After a short time they find out that they cannot stay together any longer.

Ox - A Horse is too energetic and unstable for a disciplined, correct and loyal Ox. They have very fer common hobbies and their relationship is cold.

Tiger - They both are very lively and they have a similar lifestyle. They are active, charming and friendly. They ran reach deep understanding.

Rabbit - A Rabbit cannot live in insecurity spread by a Horse. A Horse hates when somebody forms a strong emotional attachment to him/her. They are incompatible.

Dragon - If they are willing to help each other they can live a happy life together. Sometimes they have minor quarrels but they are not too serious.

Snake - A slightly self-centered Horse needs a constant physical activity and a Snake cannot stand it. If they want a working relationship they must make a lot of compromises.

Horse - As they have the same working and life pace their relationship is very harmonic. Two Horses can live a happy and adventurous life. However, their home is not exactly neat as none of them likes a routine.

Sheep - A compassionate Sheep is happy to turn a blind eye to the Horse´s selfishness and a Horse is thankful for the warmth of home. They complement each other and they are usually very happy together.

Monkey - They are both adaptable and intelligent therefore obstacles on their way to happiness are not a problem for them.

Rooster - At the first sight they are totally incompatible, however, their relationship sometimes works out. It depends on how much a Rooster is willing to finish Horse´s unfinished work.

Dog - A devoted Dog follows the intuition of a Horse. They attract and love each other.

Pig - If a Horse convinces a good-hearted Pig to succumb to his/her wishes their marriage can be successful.

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