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Leo - horoscope 2019


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You will have a lot of opportunities to start new projects and to develop generally your life in 2019. Jupiter will help you set new goals and it will encourage you to endure. You should be able to find solutions to most of your unsolved problems from the past. It is a good time to make right decisions both in your professional and personal life. It is time to forget about old injustice and look forward to the bright future. If you are associated with an artistic area you should show your pieces of work to someone who will appreciate them. Success and fame are about to come!


You can expect a promising career in 2019. However, it does not mean that everything will be achieved easily. You will have to lose a few battles before you win a war. You do not have to be afraid of anything. Planets will protect you during all year and if things go wrong it does not mean that everything is lost. The most important thing for your career in 2019 is positive thinking. In general, the year 2019 is a year of hard work and determination which will bring you great reward in the future.


Your relationship in 2019 will be full of harmony and peace. Tell you loved ones what they mean to you. Do not be afraid to speak openly about your feelings. Open your heart to your partner and show him / her what hurts you and what makes you happy. You should do it as soon as possible before insecurity and secrets that have been hidden for a long time can make harm to your relationship. If you are single you may meet the right one. Be cautious – you might miss this opportunity because of too much work and pensiveness.

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