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Zodiac Signs and Meanings - Leo


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The basic structure of the development of the personality is closed in the sign of Leo. Leo brings self-awareness and the need for self-expression and admiration.
The mission of Leo is the realization of one´s intentions. They are traditionally associated with creativity, self-esteem, egoism, dignity, but also with fun and pleasure.

Period of Leo (28 - 35 years)
The second stage of youth quadrant is the period of having fun.

leo July 23 – August 3 - under the influence of Saturn
They have a strong, mystical, impulsive, they do not like the solitude and coercion.

Leo August 11 – August 12 - under the influence of Jupiter
They are conscientious, prudent, they like arithmetics and solemn ceremonies.

Leo August 13 – August 23 - under the influence of Mars
They have a strong, powerful nature and they like commanding. The reason is associated with the power.

Suitable precious stone:

Element : Fire
Dynamics : fixed
Ruler : the Sun
Sign: fiery
Nature: choleric
Lucky years: 19-26, 49-53
Compatible with: Aries, Saggitarius
Correlated colour: golden
Correlated metal: gold
Inferior part of the body: back, heart, blood circulation
Sign stone: crystal, diamond, amber, ruby, garnet, tiger eye, citrine, beryl, grenade
Lucky numbers: 6, 36, 111, 666
Lucky day: Sunday
Lucky flower: marguerite
Spiritual protector: Zeus
Pleasant scent: heliotrope
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