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Libra - horoscope 2019


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The position of planets in the year 2019 is very favourable. You will be able to proceed in your career, relationships and in all your life. You will learn to gather all your energy to achieve your goals. Your creativity and artistic skills will be fully used. You will learn to distinguish the reality in the world full of falseness. You will be a bit impatient in the personal and professional life. Try to solve problems tactfully and diplomatically. A lot of your dreams may come true this year.


At the beginning of the year 2019 your career will be endangered with certain powers that will try to weaken your position in your job. Follow your principles and do not succumb to them. Be cautious in the team. It is possible that someone would like to take away your position from you. In the middle of the year there will be a breaking point and your superior will make an important decision that will indirectly affect you. You do not t the end of the year you can expect grear, positive changes in your job.


The year 2019 will be a happy year for you when it comes to love. You will be much closer to a person whom you have liked for a long time. You will be able to express your feelings which will be accepted positively. Planets will stand by your side. You can expect a romantic relationship full of positive energy. Enjoy the happiness that love brings to you and try to get rid of doubts and suspicions. Avoid transmitting doubts on your partner. Give and you will be given.

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