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Zodiac Signs and Meanings - Libra


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Libra represents idealistic principles. In Libra the personality is learning to make contacts with other people and it starts to understand itself as a part of community.
The mission of Libra is to engage individuals in a society. Libras are traditionally associated to social consciousness and to relatioship with people around them.

Period of Libra (42 – 48 years)
Behind the seeming tranquility and balanced relationship with the matter there is a hidden fear of the death, a pleading desire to stop time and to preserve the form – whether through a plastic surgery or expensive cosmetics.

Libra Septemer 24 – October 2 - under the influence of Venus
These people are kind, benign, dreamy.

Libra October 3 - October 13 - under the influence of Saturn
These people are generous, they are able to live without luxury and ambitiousness.

Libra October 14 October 23 - under the influence of Jupiter
These people love luxury, they are sensitive, they have a literary talent and they like ceremonies.

Suitable precious stone:

Element : Air
Dynamics : fixed
Ruler : Venus
Znamen?: airy
Nature: sanquine
Lucky years: 30-37
Compatible with: Gemini, Aquarius
Correlated colour: waterly green
Correlated metal: copper
Inferior parts of the body: kidneys, bladder
Sign stone: chrisocolla, jade, rose quartz, coral, carnelian, emerald, tourmaline, topaz
Lucky numbers: 7, 49, 175, 1225
Lucky day: Wednesday
Lucky flower: forget-me-not
Spiritual protector: Athene
Pleasant scent: Lysimachia
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