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These cute creatures fulfil all expectations: they are nimble, deft and intelligent and they are able to break the rules if necessary. However, despite unquestionable qualities, it is not always easy to surpass others because many people do not take Monkeys seriously. Others take them only as carefree light-hearted companions.

Young Monkeys tend to feel disenchantment because of a lack of endurance and resistancy. If a good idea is not realized promptly they think that it may be too late tomorrow. They learn fast and eagerly. To reach the sense of security they have to overcome bitter experience.

Monkeys have a great sense of humour and they are popular companions, even though building a lasting relationship might be a problem for them. Monkeys can sometimes be boastful, unreliable or false. Honesty is not their quality and that is why it is difficult to make contact with them.

Despite being quite selfish Monkeys also need love and affection. Instead of continually attracting someone´s attention they should focus on winning somebody´s affection and esteem by means of diligence. Some Monkeys tend to have a lot of love affairs before they meet the right one. A Monkey needs a stimulating partner who would encourage him/her to move forward.

Many Monkeys abound with great fantasy and they are good narrators. If they can write, too, they may become successful writers.

They are sympathetic with Rats and Dragons. They do not get on well with Tigers.

Famous people born in this sign:

Julius Caesar, Lyndon B. Johnson, Tom Selleck, Danny De Vito, Ricki Lake, David Copperfield, Yul Brynner, Debbie Reynolds, Johnny Cash, Elizabeth Taylor, Ted Kennedy, Diana Ross, Tom Selleck, Rod Stewart, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo da Vinci, Susan B. Anthony, Charles Dickens, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Will Smith, Little Richard and Alice Walker

A chart of compatibility of this sign with other signs:

Rat - Their relationship is absolutely constructive. Rats are skilful and are able to create a nice home but its Monkeys who decide on the final look. A Monkey fulfils all Rat´s wishes and so does the Rat - that is why they are so happy.

Ox - They are too selfish and strong to be happy together. Neither an Ox or a Monkey are able to let the other show his/her good qualities.

Tiger - They both hate when the other person makes efforts to enchant him/her. None of them wants to play second fiddle and they always quarrel about something. Their common life is full of disputes.

Rabbit - Their vision of life is absolutely different. They seldom find a thing that they have in common.

Dragon - This is a perfect match. Both signs are strong, intelligent and very ambitious. They are able to make a compromise and in their relationship is harmonic.

Snake - They love exaggerating mistakes of each other. They are both jealous. If they want to get on well together they should be more sincere to each other.

Horse - They are both very egocentric. If they want to get on well together they both must control their egocentrism.

Sheep - Monkeys never take Sheep seriously. Their marriage is not based on equality. It can be decent but not happy.

Monkey - Their relationship can be very harmonic but only if they are not jealous of each others´s success.

Rooster - They are both able to realize their mistakes and make a compromise. Therefore they can make a nice couple.

Dog - They have a very happy marriage. They feel very affectionate to each other and they are intelligent enough to be able to make a compromise if necessary.

Pig - Their love seems fabulous at the beginning but in the course of time it fades away. A Pigs do not like Monkeys´ unscrupulous methods and Monkeys dislike Pigs´ excessive generosity.

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