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People born between May 21 and June 20 are called "Moose". These people are influenced by the air element (thinking, intelligence, agility, brightness) and they are ruled by the Eastern wind (self-discipline, intuition, learning). They are skilled observers and they have an ability to sense distant danger and enemy. They can skilfully react in advance. They elegantly avoid open conflicts and fights. Who escapes, wins! However, when the conflict is unavoidable they set their head. Yes, this is where they hide their powerful weapon.

Moose people are characterized by intelligence and bright reason which is their "weapon". These people used to take part in discussions associated with the tribe life and social life. Thanks to the combination of extraordinary verbal skills, intelligence and capacity of a prompt reaction they used to be negotiators and ambassadors, often bringing or offering peace. They are social people. They cannot do without support of their family. They have a need of being protected. They need to show off in front of others. With their charm they make friends easily. They make a lot of effort and spend a lot of time on reaching what they want. They have an eye for detail, every change they do is creative and it leads for the better.

Moose´s downside is that they usually do not finish what they started. It is much easier to ask somebody else to do it. This arises from their lifestyle. They are free and they run from one pasture to another - they eat the best there and proceed to another one. Moose are criticized for their superficiality, carelessness and unwillingness to get deeper knowledge of something. If you want to say it to them something directly remember their rhetorical talent! Moose will have thousands of reasons and excuses. They convince until they are successful – only in this case they are able to finish what they started. If they learn to misuse their skills and they do it too often they will seldom want to tell you something straight. They usually try to cajole other people and sometimes they love monologues. You will either succumb to their charm or you will have numb ears.

Their instability may occur on the emotional level. Due to their hypersensitivity they easily subject to fear as if they were constantly expecting an enemy or danger. The constant readiness to defend or escape has an impact on their sleep and it exhausts them even more. They need to hide themselves under the protective wings of someone stronger. The biggest gift for them is a friendly and open company. Be cautious but realize that not everyone is your enemy. Learn to listen to other people even though they may criticize you. It is not pleasant but we all sometimes need to „hold a mirror“. Take care of your family background and remember that it is good to have a place where you can always come back – even though freedom means a lot to you.

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