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People born between January 20 and February 18 are called "Otters" in the Indian horoscope. They are influenced by the air element (thinking, intelligence, agility, brightness) and they are ruled by the Northern wind (recovery, renewal). Indians considered otters very playful and in a certain way quite cute animals. An otter was a symbol of something new, it meant a change for the better. In many myths an otter was pictured as a being that was able to allay fears and troubles. It brought hope and strength to continue the journey. On the pilgrimages of mythical heroes they appeared as a guide and a pilgrim´s helper.

Thanks to their optimism and enthusiasm people born in the totem of Otter deal with their problems quite easily. What one sees as a hardship and trouble an Otter sees it as a challenge and play. Otters approach everything with humour and they can support others even in the most difficult situations. They are very popular companions. They have a lot of friends and they are great companions. They make friends easily.

People born in this sign are skilled, active, diligent and they have an extraordinary sense of humour. If they feel injustice they do not hesitate to intervene and they help the one who they think is right. They often have interesting ideas but their implementation ends somewhere in the middle. They are usually able to make only the first step. Their visions and plans are usually real only in their fantasy. They are not able to recognize feasible ideas from utopia visions. They need somebody to hold them on the ground. Even though they do not admit it they need constructive criticism otherwise they waste too much energy and time to implement their unfeasible projects. Therefore they are quite unstable and they cannot take things seriously. They are like a butterfly that flutters freely in the meadow and tastes nectar from various flowers.

A butterfly flies wherever it wants and it is not tied down anywhere. These people should learn some discipline so that they could get further than to halfway through in some matters. . Beware, Otters can be good friends but due to their fickle nature they can change their circle of friends unexpectedly. If they do not feel comfortable or they think they are too tied they forget and join somebody else.

It is similar in their relationship. They cannot live without freedom and they are not able to settle down. If they say "forever" I would say no more than a few years. They need a forthcoming partner who would wander with the Otter and who would love to meet new people. An Otter is not a domestic type.

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