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These people have a strong character and are able to handle difficult situations. They have reliable friends and allies, however, they frequently blame others for being careless. Thanks to their experience they are able to deal with problems. They usually do not make mistakes. If they do, it is because of their excessive carefulness rather than carelessness. If the Ox chooses his/her direction, they are not likely to change it. The Ox is an untiring hardworker who is determined to achieve his/her goals.

It may seem that the Ox does not have a sense of humour, on the other hand people born in the year of the Ox are very reliable and their friends appreciate it. It is possible to ask them for help if you find yourself in a difficult situation. The Ox is a good listener and he/she is willing to listen to your troubles. His/Her advice is wise, constructive and worth following.

The Ox is very selective when choosing his/her friends and you must deserve his/her trust. He/She is not very initiative in these matters. Even though he/she has a strict code of conduct it is a mistake to consider him/her a calm person. If somebody crosses the boundary of his/her tolerance, the Ox becomes a relentless enemy.

People born in the year of the Ox are great parents and devoted lovers. Their home is very important to them. The man is the breadwinner and the women admits her role in the household. They usually have a lot of children or take care of their old parents. If you need a consolation and an encouragement, pay a visit to an Ox.

They have a great ability to love which is hidden deep inside and they do not want to show it in public.

They are sympathetic to Snakes and Roosters. They do not get on well with Goats.

Famous people born in this sign:

Waren Beatty, Bill Cosby, Madeleine Albright, Margaret Thatcher, Bruce Springsteen, Vincent Van Gogh, Jon Bon Jovi, Charlie Chaplin, Aristotle, Robert Kennedy, Dustin Hoffman, Adolf Hitler, Richard Burton, Kate Moss, Meg Ryan, George Clooney, Sammy Davis Jr., Anthony Hopkins, Saddam Hussein, Heather Locklear, Eddie Murphy, Jane Fonda, Princess Diana, Meryl Streep, Sigorney Weaver, Jim Carrey, Gerard Ford, Walt Disney, Paul Newman and Jack Nicholson.

A chart of compatibility of this sign with other signs:

Rat - A Rat is absolutely compatible with an Ox. This couple has a happy marriage and they are also successful in a business partnership.

Ox - Partners born in she sign of the Ox may have common hobbies but they will probably never understand one another. They are together only if necessary.

Tiger - They will never have the same opinion as none of them has an understanding for each other. Their life is full of disputes because they are stubborn people who never trust each other. Their conflict can lead to an open hostility.

Rabbit - An Ox together with a Rabbit make a decent and harmonic couple. They can be lovers and at the same time good colleagues. They are able to make a compromise.

Dragon - Even though both of these signs are dominant, they do not have too many quarrels. However, their union is more suitable for a business rather than marriage.

Snake - An Ox gets on really well with a Snake. They are mutually sympathetic and they have a very active and lasting relationship.

Horse - If you watch a Horse together with an Ox you may think they are from a different planet. There is a notional wall between them which prevents them from communication. They may be mutually sympathetic but they will never understand each other.

Sheep - Even though they make a lot of efforts their relationship will always be cold. They can be mutually tolerant but it is a quetion of time how long their relationship will last. They do not care one for another.

Monkey - They do not have to be afraid of open disputes but their relationship is full of two-way objections. They are not able to communicate.

Rooster - A great match for a life together. Love and understanding will come as easily as waving a magic wand.

Dog - They do not have anything in common and their mutual relations are not good. They often become implacable enemies.

Pig - They do not argue but they do not love either. A relationship between a Pig and an Ox usually does not last long.

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