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In China pigs have a better reputation than in the Western world. They are considered family creatures whose major concern is the well-being of their family. Even though they want to build a career they have mainly long-term goals which they achieve at the end of their life.

Pigs want to do everything well, they want to reach success and then they want to look back at their life full of merit achieved with a lot of effort. They like fighting for delight and pride about the fact that they leave good heritage to their followers.

Pigs are physically fit and over-cleanly. They are interested in any manual jobs and they make great craftsmen or home handymen. They lime making other people feeling good therefore they are attracted by professions such as a doctor or a carer. Other Pigs can be successful in catering.

They believe without any doubt in good nature of a man and they wait for its manifestation. Their tolerance has no boundaries. They make friends with everybody and they do not care about their mistakes. Therefore they sometimes attract people who have problems with excessive drinking, drugs, gambling, cheating and so on. Pigs should learn to say "No".

When looking back at life they usually find out that their belief in the goodness has not failed. When other people have to confront Pigs´ humility they usually find the best. It is difficult not to get influenced by their shining example.

They are sympathetic to Goats and Rabbits. They do not get on well with Snakes.

Famous people born in this sign:

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chiang Kai-Shek, Woody Allen, Lucille Ball, Billy Crystal, Steven Spielberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stephen King, Henry Ford, John McEnroe, Tracey Ullman, Phil Donahue, Fred Astaire, Thomas Jefferson, Dudley Moore, Farrah Fawcett, Robert Dole, Jerry Lee Lewis, Humphrey Bogart, Julie Andrews, Richard Dreyfuss, Henry Kissinger, Marie Osmond, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Dalai Lama.

A chart of compatibility of this sign with other signs:

Rat - These two signs endeavour to create a stable and peaceful home and they are often successful. They have clear visions of their life and they are happy to share it.

Ox - Their relationship can last but there will never be a strong bond between the two of them. Their visions of life vary and they differ in opinion. They sometimes argue.

Tiger - They love making each other happy. An understanding Pig is able to tolerate Tiger´s sudden outbursts and the Tiger appreciates that.

Rabbit - A Pig will never know what a Rabbit exactly thinks. Pigs fill Rabbits with affection and luxury - which they like. They both feel very well in the relationship and they deeply love each other.

Dragon - Dragons are Pigs´ inspiration and they can encourage them to action. In terms of energy and physical activity their score is almost the same. They even have a common mistake - they get enthused easily and subsequently they are not able to slow down when needed.

Snake - These two signs are not able to appreciate one another. An esthetically minded Snake hates Pig´s sincere yet unsophisticated manners. A Pig cannot stand Snake´s coldness.

Horse - Both of them search for a joy. They are friendly, sociable and they can can have a beneficial effect on each other in a way. They enjoy life till the last bit. The negative part of that is that none of them is interested in the happening of upcoming days.

Sheep - They are an example of a loyal and intimate relationship. They bring to their marriage only the best of them and they look after one another conscientiously.

Monkey - They are corteous and considerate one to another but in fact they are not very excited about their relationship. Pigs are too transparent and good-hearted for complicated Monkey. Another problem are Monkeys´ intrigues which Pigs cannot bear.

Rooster - There often have a diferent opinion on various things but if they appreciate each other they are able to deal with it.

Dog - Even though they have a different vision of life they are able to love each other. A Pig is tolerant and takes a Dog as a reliable ally.

Pig - They cannot support each other - they are too emotional.

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