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Zodiac Signs and Meanings - Pisces


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Pisces are the twelfth and therefore the last sign of the zodiac. They are a very contradictory sign. As you can see in the graphical representation of Pisces we can see two fish swimming against each other which clearly captures the ambivalence of this sign. The development of an individual is completed with the sign of Pisces.
The mission of Pisces is to achieve harmony between the two opposing life energies in the final stage. They are traditionally associated with mysticism, sensitivity and deep emotional variety. Pisces often solve their personal problems through an escape from the reality, through alcohol addiction, etc.

Pisces 21 February – 1 March - under the influence of Saturn
They are stubborn, capricious, they have a lot of dreams and they love the solitude

Pisces 2 March – 11 March - under the influence of Jupiter
They love power and fame, they are sensitive and self-conceited, honest and majestic

Pisces 12 March – 20 March - under the influence of Mars
They are demandind, sociable, sensitive, willing, they love collective fun

Suitable precious stone:

Element : Water
Dynamics : changeable
Ruler : Jupiter and Neptune
Sign: water, wet, cold
Nature: flegmatic
Lucky years: 22-47
Compatible with: Cancer, Scorpio
Correlated number: colour of the sea
Correlated metal: tin
Inferior part of the body: feet, lymphatic system
Sign stone: amethyst, fluoride, coral, sapphire, jade, turquoise, adular, pearls, aquamarine, lazurite, sodalite, crystal
Lucky numbers: 4, 16, 34, 136
Lucky day: Friday
Lucky flower: cornflower
Spiritual protector: Heracles
Pleasant scent: mint
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