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Rabbits like being in a company of other people and in a relationship they find safety. However, due to their temper they are seldom able to make good friends. Rabbits are sensitive and intuitive and they are endowed with extraordinary consideration. If someone gets them know better they can become best friends. These people know when it is time to listen and when to act. They are tactful, diplomatic and they respect their own privacy and the privacy of others. They love peace and harmony therefore they often do not tell the whole truth. In disputes they give up. If somebody hurts them they rarely think of a revenge.

In a world where people frequently express their feelings Rabbits can seem a bit reserved. Rabbits consider the world a difficult place to live in and they are determined to protect their interests. These people are experts on people´s characters but they do not push through their opinions because they do not give them proper importance.

A lot of Rabbits are creative, their works are often conventional, though. In the art they avoid realism and they seldom create abstract pieces of work. Rabbits prefer caution and safety and they rely on their family background. They try to avoid travelling. They tend to gather property which ties them.

Rabbits usually do not have big families because they fear the mess that kids can make. They prefer to live in a perfect environment with a carefully chosen partner who does not spoil the comfort of carefully guarded isolation.

They are sympathetic to Goats and Pigs. They do not get on well with Roosters.

Famous people born in this sign:

Albert Einstein, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jordan, Confucius, Michel Keaton, Jane Seymour, Orson Welles, Neil Simon, Ming-Na Wen, John Adams, Arthur Miller, Andy Warhol, George C. Scot, Judy Collins, Peter Falk, Fidel Castro, Roger Moore, Harry Belafonte, Peter Fonda, Helen Hunt, Drew Barrymore, Walter Mondale, Marie Curie, Ingrid Bergman, Josef Stalin and Brigitte Nielson.

A chart of compatibility of this sign with other signs:

Rat - These two signs can have similar hobbies and they respect efforts of each other. They usually come to an agreement easily and they often get on well together.

Ox - These two signs sometimes have objections to each other but they usually do not quarrel about them. They are capable of cooperation but not for too long. They are not compatible for a life together.

Tiger - These two signs cannot understand each other. They have a totally different way of life. They do not trust in each other and they are not capable of a dialogue.

Rabbit - Two Rabbits support each other, they exchange experience and they encourage each other to achieve higher goals. They are wise and they know that two people will reach more than one.

Dragon - Even though they have a different way of achieving their goals they have same interests. Therefore there might be a slight conflict of personalities but both Dragon and Rabbit try to reduce their disputes.

Snake - There will never be any passion between these two signs but they tolerate each other and their relationship based on friendship can be successful.

Horse - They will never make a problem-free couple and there is absolutely nothing they have in common. They even are not capable of cooperation.

Sheep - If these two signs meet they usually make a prospering and successful couple. Their life will be filled with love and understanding.

Monkey - These two signs always distrust each other. They argue about silly things and they continually compete with each other. They can geto on well for a while but then their relationship comes to a end.

Rooster - No combination is less compatible than Rabbit - Rooster. This couple is not even able to agree on the weather.

Dog - A union of these two people is very beneficial and useful. There is a deep confidence in each other and their relationship works very well.

Pig - A Pig and a Rabbit have a same point of view. They are sympathetic with each other.

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