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The Rat is considered a charming, intelligent and witty creature in the East. Rat people like gathering and they usually have a lot of friends and acquainatnces. People longing for a success like being surrounded by the Rats because the Rats continually look for an advancement opportunity. When they go shopping they look for interesting bargains and they make friends with people who might bring them a profit.

If the negative side prevails an opportunist can become a skinflint who is afraid of losing safety. The Rats tend to be greedy and they do not like barren life. Despite their greediness they can be generous to somebody who really needs it. The Rats are usually convincing and can interpret their ideas to others. They are often successful in the business area and they are able to revive a declining business. They say that the best cooperation is with their partners because they can discuss their ideas and procedures at any time. Communication is also very important in their relationship.

The lifestyle of the Rats is usually very tiring because these people tend to take part in more activities at a time. They are interested in common things, they try to fulfil expectations and they throw expensive parties. If they are idle for a longer time they feel as if they are missing something important.

The Rats like controlling other people and they are attracted by weaker partners. However, they sometimes start to despise these people because of their weakness and they find someone more attractive.

They are sympathetic with Dragons and Monkeys. They do not get on well with Horses.

Famous people born in this sign:

William Shakespeare, Princ Charles, Al Gore, George Washington, T.S. Eliot, Mozart, Claude Monet, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Marlon Brando, George Bush, Jimmy Carter, Louis Armstrong, Hugh Grant, Alan Alda, Sean Penn, Truman Capote, Irving Berlin, Donna Summer, Olivia Newton John, Joseph Hayden, Antonio Banderas, Doris Day, Clark Gable, Yves St Laurent, Gene Kelly and Andrea Lloyd Webber.

A chart of compatibility of this sign with other signs:

Rat - They have a conflict-free relationship. These people are forthcoming to each other. They can be both partners and non-conflict co-workers.

Ox - These two signs are sympathetic to each other and they can experience a lot of nice things not only in their marriage but in the working area, too.

Tiger - A Tiger gets on quite well with a Rat but their relationship is rather plain. There are neither great disputes nor attraction.

Rabbit - They get on well together. However, they are more friends than partners.

Dragon - This is a perfect match! They have a harmonic marriage and together they can reach happiness and wealthiness.

Snake - Their cooperation is great and they can reach success. They admire each other and there is a special bond between the two of them, however, it is not love.

Horse - A Rat should avoid Horse´s company. Their relationship is unstable, with a lot of conflicts, implacable quarrels and bitter rivalry.

Sheep - They have nothing to say together. These two signs are unsympathetic with each other. Their love is absurd and unimaginable.

Monkey - A perfect match. Their relationship is full of understanding and mutual esteem. Their love is marvellous and satisfying.

Rooster - Their relationship is ordinary and it will never be exceptional or long-lasting. It is better to avoid meeting one another.

Dog - If they start a relationship it is filled with a mutual esteem. They can be beneficial to each other but they do not feel deep love.

Pig - These two signs can be very compatible in a marriage and they are usually a very happy couple. They do not have any disputes and they have mutual hobbies that bring them together.

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