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Indian horoscope - Raven


People born between September 22 and October 22 are called "Ravens". They are influenced by air element (thinking, intelligence, agility, brightness) and they are ruled by the Westent wind which brings knowledge and good sense. In the European culture a raven stands for death and it represents a bad sign. However, in the Indian culture every animal represented a being with a soul therefore a descendant of the Great Mother – the earth. Thus no creature creature could represent negative qualities. The same applies on a raven.

A raven symbolized balance in the nature and it helped to keep the world in harmony. In the Indian mythology it was associated with death – it helped the sould of the dead. However, the Indians did not took death as something negative. It was a part of life, a condition of life. Killing a raven meant a horrible disaster. A person born in the sign of Raven is usually very sociable. These people do not like loneliness and they feel safe and self-confident in a group of other people. They have an open and friendly nature. They like making new friends, they are communicative and they have a diplomatic talent. However, their relationships are usually quite superficial (they are enchanted by the exterior but they are not able to penetrate inside).

Ravens do not put emphasis on an individual – a group is much more important. With their sense of good judgement they are often seen as judges, referees or mediators between warring parties. They prefer settling the disputes rather than causing them. They like thinking over things and they judge them from all sides. Do not expect an immediate answer from them. Therefore they often miss an interesting opportunity. They often subject to intrigues. It is easy to influence them as they tend to be quite trusting. They take a lot of care of their appearance and they look very smart.

Figuratively speaking, they take care of "every feather". They want other people like them and they have a good aesthetic sense. They are often artists. They need free wings to take a free flight. If they have a tolerant partner who does not supress these needs they can have a happy relationship. Ravens try to get rid of too tight ties therefore it may happen that they will settle down somewhere where they feel free.

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