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Roosters are very straight people and sometimes they offend those who are not able to accept sincerity and openness. Roosters do not care about tactfulness or refinement. They have a deeply hidden inner confidence in their skills. Extrovert Roosters show their success in public.

Roosters love travelling and they are interested in the whole world. Those who stay at home occupy themselves with studying life itself. They are sure that the meaning of live is given and they do not hesitate about it at all. They tend to approach every day without any hope for the future and they do not look back to the past. They live in the present.

Roosters are good workers who learn something new from every task they perform. They like working in their own pace and they refuse any intervention from from the outside. Some Roosters are totally against rules or discipline.

People born in the year of Rooster have to make a great effort to reach their aims. If you are a Rooster you reach only a few things easily. Roosters sometimes try to perform too many tasks at a time and they do not realize that the relationships with other people suffer because of that. Even though they are hard workers they are sometimes too bossy.

Roosters like flirting but they demand fidelity from their counterpart. They are frank and if they show somebody they like them they mean it seriously. They have a responsible approach to a relationship..

They are sympathetic to Oxen and Snakes. Thay do not get on well with Rabbits.

Famous people born in this sign:

Michelle Pfeiffer, Bette Midler, Eric Clapton, Melanie Griffith, Alex Haley, Donny Osmond, Katharine Hepburn, Goldie Hawn, Larry King, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Martin, Carol Burnett, LeVar Burton, Joan Rivers, Diane Keaton, Priscilla Presley, Elton John, Joan Collins, Neil Young, Yoko Ono, Van Morrison, Dolly Parton, Katherine Hepburn, George Segal, Errol Flynn, Gloria Estefan and Groucho Marx.

A chart of compatibility of this sign with other signs:

Rat - A Rooster is a systematic analyst. A Rat is practical and intelligent. This combination is suitable for not of these two signs. They irritate and annoy each other.

Ox - They make a nice couple. They are resonsible and loyal partners.

Tiger - They have a stormy and piquant marriage. These two signs are both very active but there is a huge difference between their personalities. A Rooster is too egocentric and a Tiger would love to fight all the time. They oppose each other because of silly things.

Rabbit - It is very improbable that they will reach a communion of souls. They both dislike the negative traits of character of the other one.

Dragon - A Dragon in not afraid of Rooster´s domineering aggression. Furthermore Dragons appreciate the Roosters´ qualities and intelligence. These two signs make a great couple.

Snake - An unrestrained Rooster can show a Snake more humorous sides of life and he/she can brighten up the Snake´s serious point of view. They have a nice relationship.

Horse - They are instinctively reserved to each other. Roosters do not understand Horses´ changing manners and Horses cannot stand the obsession with fact and numbers of Roosters.

Sheep - Roosters dislike Sheeps´ self-pity and indiscipline. Sheep consider Roosters cold and self-seeking. These two signs can seldom tolerate each other.

Monkey - Their marriage resembles an armed truce.They harm each other on purpose and they do not care what the other feels. They can get on well only if they have a strong motive.

Rooster - They are so virtuous and honest that they cannot bear their perfection. They have never-ending talks about who is more virtuous.

Dog - They are both very proud and smart. They get to know each other very quickly and they can sometimes hurt one another with their sharp tongues.

Pig - A kind-hearted Pig would get on quite well with a Rooster but The Roosters are usually very reproacheful.

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