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Sagittarius - horoscope 2019


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During 2019 planets which are favourable to you will help you gain more self-confidence and self-esteem. The belief in your own abilities will be crucial in 2019. You must be courageous and assertive. Do not give up if you do not succeed immediately. Follow your thoughts and ideals. Try to make precise plans of everything and do not forget about relax and fresh air. This year you can expect that your personal life will interfere with your professional life. It is important to have enough space for developing both your personal and professional life. Without sufficient suport it will be difficult or even impossible to achieve your goals.


Enterprising Saggitarius – pay attention! You can expect a considerable expansion of your business partners. If you are planning to start a business the year 2019 is ideal for this occasion. In the first half of the year you may have to face minor toubles with authorities and partly with your business partners. If you are an employee you should beware of any disputes among colleagues at the workplace. There might be someone who does not want you at your position and he / she may be a bit envious. Rely on your inner potential and thanks to your hard work and determination the second half of the year will be really successful.


During the year 2019 you will manage to strenghten the relationships that have been building in the past few years. Avoid any excesses and love affairs otherwise you may expect a negative reaction from the opposite side. As you like taking care of yourself and you will are able to enough time for yourself in 2019 you will be much more attractive for the opposite sex than ever before. The key words in the love are for the year 2019 are patience and tolerance.

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