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People born between July 22 and August 21 are called "Salmon". They are influenced by the fire element (activity, creativity, will, deeds) and they are ruled by the Southern wind (affection, emotions, empathy, spirituality). Salmon represent great power and energy. On their way they overcome countless seemingly unsurmountable obstacles. It seems as if they had a indomitable will – a great engine that drives them towards success. They are also endowed with obvious agility that makes their way easier. The Indians saw similar attribute in people born in the totem of Salmon.

"Salmon people" are distinguished with their strong personality. They have great self-confidence which they show to everybody. They demonstrate who is in charge here. They are not a head of group because of their desire for power or because of the urge to rule. They just think they are good enough to do it – and that is mostly true. They want to protect the group, they are willing to take responsibility for it. In the times of old Indians they were leaders and winners of hunting or fighting expeditions. However, they have a need of being honoured for their restrain. They need to be admired and they will reward for it. Nevertheless if they come to a conclusion that people from the group take advantage of them and do not honour them, they will swim away into other waters. Their generosity and charisma attract other people´s sympathies and trust.

They abound with life energy. This energy of Salmon attracts other people and Salmon inspire them to carry out their plans them without hesitating. Other people sometimes accuse Salmon of being a little haughty – they sometimes subject to the illusion of their infallibility and perfection. Salmon should remember to ask other people for advice and opinion and they should not impose their opinion to the others even though they are pretty sure about it. They like taking risks and they are happy to show their readiness and ability to react promptly. The adrenalin sometimes blinds them so much that they just crash. If there is a problem they take it as another challenge and they plunge into work.

They are used to living an active life therefore it is not surprising that they often suffer from heart diseases. They should learn to recognize when they have had enough – they should take a break from time to time. Interrupting their work is difficult for them but it is worth it. It is better to have a rest, "recharge their batteries" and then get into a fight with a potential competitor rather than losing a battle with a heart attack. The art of living their life fully is also reflected in their relationship too. They love showing their skills. They enjoy flirting but if the relationship turns out to be serious they give their partner their heart and they spoil their partner with pearls brought from the depths of the sea. In return they ask for direct treating. Sincerity is above all to them – they only drink pure wine. Remember to remind them their success and excellence. If they see through a dirty game they will leave and they rarely return to the same waters where they experienced disillusion. Therefore, Salmon, occasionally descend to the ground and realize that a perfect and infallible person does not exist. Listen to other people. They may have interesting opinions. Work, live an active life but do not forget about your health.

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