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Scorpio - horoscope 2019


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During the year 2019 you will be able to revive and reassess your life goals. Choose one of them – the most important one – and act. It is more than possible that your personal and professional life will mingle on your way to fulfil the dream. You must try to prevent this mingling. If these areas influence each other it is possible that one of these areas could be harmed. Either your personal life would suffer while building your career or you would not proceed in your career because of your personal life. Let your dream come true but make sure you have enough time for your family and friends. This is the real value till the end of life.


Your professional life will be the most important thing for you in the year 2019. If you are a businessman / businesswoman you can look forward to meeting new business partners and easy negotiatings. You will be successful and your business will flourish. On the other hand you will have little free time but your efforts put into your business will provide you with money for the future. On the contrary, if you are an employee enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at your workplace, pleasant holiday and mild working pace. You will be relaxed yet successful.


During 2019 your love life will be more exciting than in the past few years. You can expect important changes that will help you discover hidden character of your partner. The basis of your relationship have always been modesty and honesty which will continue. In 2019 pay attention to the needs and wishes of your partner. Better communication will help avoid any „black clouds“ that may from time to time appear above your heads. Make sure that your desires and wishes are taken into account too.

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