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Zodiac Signs and Meanings - Scorpio


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Scorpio is the most complicated sign of the zodiac. This sign is the least understandable quality therefore people born in this sign are often put to the edge of the society because of their character and they remain misunderstood. Scorpio is the first sign of the zodiac that becomes aware with the death wchich they take as a process of change.
The mission of this sign is to become bigger and people of this sign long for transcendence. This sign is traditionally associated with sex, will, magic, occultism, jealousness, debauchery.

Period of Scorpio (49 - 56 years)
A heavy and depressive period because the up to now postponed decomposition of the physical body starts unexpectedly – just as an offensive force that cannot be called off. Yoga, magic, occultism, tantra and similar areas that help centralize the power in the right direction – these are the spheres of the realization of Scorpio.

Scorpio October 24 – November 2 - under the influence of the Mars
They are beautiful, they are skilled in medicine and they have an ability to influence others.

Scorpio November 3 – November 13 - under the influence of the Sun
They are generous, passionate, initiative, they have a strong will

Scorpio November 14 – November 22 - under the influence of Venus
They are careless, emotional, sociable, they have an artistic talent, they are passionate

Suitable precious stone:

Element : Water
Dynamics : fixed
Ruler : Mars and Pluto
Sign: water
Nature: flegmatic
Lucky years: 17-19, 23-35
Compatible with: Cancer, Pisces
Correlated colour: vermilion
Correlated metal: iron
Inferior part of the body: genitalia
Sign stone: obsidian, malachite, hematite, amethyst, jasper, agate, ruby, opal
Lucky numbers: 5, 25, 65, 325
Lucky day: Thursday
Lucky flower: heather
Spiritual protector: Ares
Pleasant scent: heather
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