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In China the sign of the Sheep is considered a perfect yin sign. However, the conception of feminineness is very different in the Orient and in the West. Men looking for the ideal partner should follow the Chinese principles.

It is said that Sheep do not have a personality and that is why they are happy in carer professions. Many Sheep are skilled in arts but and just like their four-legged counterparts they are more likely followers than innovators. That is why they are rather skilful craftspeople than original authors. Most of the Sheep prefer being lead and they prefer a collective decision.

It is sometimes difficult to perform tasks at the full because they sometimes lack motivation. To use their potential they need affectionate treating and encouragement of their family or partner. They need strong and kind companions who can have a favourable influence on them.

They try to avoid any confrontation. They tend to give up if problems emerge. Thanks to their tactfulness and diplomacy they bring peace and harmony to tense situations. A lot of Sheep have true skills to settle disputes and some of theme manage it just with their presence.

Sheep have a strong desire for safety which influences their affection towards others. In a romantic convergence they are generous but if they are to take the responsibility they are impractical: they forget about appointments or regular shopping. They are impractical dreamers who make a lot of mistakes but they learn from them and they finaly get mature.

They are sympathetic to Rabbits and Pigs. They do not get on well with Oxen.

Famous people born in this sign:

Mel Gibson, Bill Gates, Charles Dickens, Pamela Anderson, Robert De Niro, Mick Jagger, George Wallace, Mark Twain, Barbara Walters, Julia Roberts, Boris Yeltsin, Bruce Willis, Michelangelo, Malcolm Forbes, Julio Iglesias, John Wayne, Joni Mitchell, William Shatner, George Burns, John Denver, Mikhail Gorbachev, Benito Mussolini, Billy Idol and Joe Pesci.

A chart of compatibility of this sign with other signs:

Rat - They are both charming and they can be very tender.

Ox - None of them is able to adapt to the way of life of the other one. These two signs usually do not make a couple.

Tiger - They do not understand each other. A sheep needs love, affection and understanding. A Tiger prefers a lot of action. They are not compatible.

Rabbit - A Rabbit is a very good match. They are both empathetic and they take care of aech other.

Dragon - Sheep love Dragons´sense of humous and dominant behaviour. Dragons like Sheep´s kindness and devotion. If a Dragon does not suppress a Sheep too much they can live together. However, their relationship is very exhausting.

Snake - If they make efforts these two signs are able to be quite happy together. They are both practical and they tolerate the needs of each other.

Horse - These two signs are attracted to each other. A domestic and family-loving Sheep can create a pleasant environment to an absent-minded horse. Thus they make a lasting relationship.

Sheep - They are both family types. Sheep are tolerant and tactful therefore it is not a problem to accept the other person´s mistakes. They are sometimes too dependent on each other and they often spoil their children.

Monkey - They are not very interested in each other. A Monkey is too selfish, clever and complicated for a Sheep. Monkeys drive Sheep mad!

Rooster - They have different personalities. A Rooster is too selfish. A Sheep is too thorough and bossy.

Dog - A Dog always criticizes a Sheep but at the same time he/she requires sympathy and spiritual support. Sheep hate self-pity and continual complaints. They are not compatible.

Pig - They make a great marriage full of tolerance and mutual understanding. They complement each other and naturally rectify the other person´s failing.

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