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Snakes are quite similar to Dragons in a way. However, a Snake is more stable. People born in the year of Snake reach their goals by means of light hints, therefore, other people think it was actually their idea, not Snake´s. People born in the year of Snake can make a good impression and they are able to convince othes about their skills on any field. No lies, of course – only hints!

Snakes are very attractive and they are able to make use of every opportunity. They dress themselves with a great taste and their characteristic features get stuck in your memory. It seems they have a sixth sense which they develop to perfection. Snakes are always in the centre of attention. Their great observational skills and adaptability predestine them a successful career in the research area. They are very arty and are able to create perfect miniature reproductions.

If you meet a Snake do not be evasibe because the Snakes always search for half-truths. Because of that, they often see problems in things where there are no problems. Snakes-lovers are often jealous and selfish. However, sometimes they can be romantic thanks to their ability to notice any minor change in their counterpart´s mood or appearance. The Snakes tend to be hostile if they do not get enough attention and admiration.

Snakes enjoy being active and they like showing-off. They are the determiners of style and new trends.They are able to say their opinion in the right way, thus they are very frequently followed by others.

People born in the year of Snake are great negotiators, therefore, they are very frequently successful in business.

They are sympathetic with Oxen and Roosters. They do not get on well with Pigs.

Famous people born in this sign:

Oprah Winfrey, Bob Dylan, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Art Garfunkel, Charles Dawin, Kim Basinger, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Charlie Sheen, Carole King, Ann Margaret, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis, Edgar Allan Poe, John F. Kennedy, Howard Hughes, Pablo Picasso, Tim Allen, Maya Angelou, Greta Garbo, Chubby Checker, Howard Stern, Mao Tse Dong, Dean Martin, Indira Gandhi, Aristotle Onassis, Ryan O'Neal, Art Garfunkel, Henry Fonda, Paul Simon, Brad Pitt, Yarrir Arafat, Dionne Warwick and Brooke Shields.

A chart of compatibility of this sign with other signs:

Rat - They are a very ambitious couple. If they agree on specified priorities they can have a successful relationship. However, they should not have any hidden secrets. They are both vey jealous.

Ox - A good choice. They keep their feet on the ground, they are cautiuos, selective and systematic. They can rely on each other in an emergency.

Tiger - There is nothing else than problems in their relationship. They trouble each other. They cannot uderstand each other and they are not willing to tolerate each other´s mistakes.

Rabbit - They are both courteous and considerate. They have big ambitions and their mutual effort to reach them makes them a harmonic couple. However, they lack love.

Dragon - They sometimes have quarrels to push through their opinion. Snakes admire Dragons´ ambitiousness and Dragons admire Snakes´ wisdom. They have a harmonic relationship.

Snake - They do not care much about each other but they are both quite ambitious. If they do not get jealous of each other they can manage great things together.

Horse - These two signs expect something different from the life. They do not understand each other and their relationship does not satisfy them.

Sheep - They both are hearted and kind - to a certain extent. A Snake is passionate and likes controlling the other. Sheeps´ loyalty is too tying for them.

Monkey - These two signs are ambitious and competitive which impedes their relationship. They both intrigue and this way they try to have a higher score. However, this kind of relationship cannot be prospering. They are capable of cooperation only when they can get a large profit. However, even in this situation they cannot trust each other.

Rooster - They are not interested in romanticism. They hold each other´s hand and dream about fame and wealthiness. They are clever and they know that they can manage great things together.

Dog - They respect each other. They sometimes disapprove the other one´s behaviour but this does not impede their love.

Pig - These two absolutely different personalities cannot be together even for a minute.

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