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Indian horoscope - Snake


People born between October 23 and November 22 are called "Snakes". They are influenced by the water element (affection, emotions, empathy, spirituality) and they are ruled by the Western wind (feeling, perception, empathy). Even though they belong to the most dangerous creatures and in the European tradition it represents a devil and many people find them disgusting, in the Indian tradition it is vice versa. It does represent danger but in the mysthic matters it was an embodiment of wisdom, a snake was a magic being and a representative of supernatural (human-friendly) powers. We can apply all of these characteristics on a Snake as one of the twelve signs of the Circle of Earth.

They are really wise and contemplative people and good observers who will not rest until they come to the bottom of a mystery. They do not see through what should be hidden and they do not reveal what should be secret. People who hide something from the Snakes or who do not tell them the whole truth are a challenge to them. Skanes have got a great advantage – they are endowed with intuition – a sixth sense. They are able to put together the answer and the following picture from small pieces. They do it tirelessly step by step. They do not need to graduate from a police college to be able to reveal what others cannot see. Snakes can express definite conclusion. They bring light to the matter.

They are not able to make a compromise and they do not accept "something in between". For them it is either or. Good or evil. It is not that they see everything in black and white but they just need to make things clear. Beware that they can once reveal you. Treat Snakes directly (of course not only them) and be fair. You will be rewardes. Remember that a Snake in danger can bite! On the other hand Snakes are always willing to help people in need. They are persistent and they follow their targets purposefully and stubbornly.

However, they often do not recognize the "healthy" level and they tend to overestimate themselves which is quite exhausting for them and their health suffers. If they make up their mind to do something they d not listen to the advice of their friends and just do it until until an illness knocks them down or until they carry out their intention with a great effort. It is similar in their relationship. Snakes hate chating and insincerity. If they love they love wholeheartedly and "forever". For this reason people born in the totem of Snake do not recognize freedom – their partner has to devote himself/herself completely. As written above – if Snakes reveal betrayal, they bite. Beware, it can hurt a lot!

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