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People born between December 22 and January 19 are called "Swans" in the Indian horoscope. They are influenced by the earth element (stability, rational approach, order, self-discipline) and they are ruled by the Northern wind (recovery, renewal). Many people consider a swan a clumsy and slow bird. However, it is necessary to realize that even though a swans takes perhaps a longer time to fly it eventually always manages.

The same applies to "Swan people". They can surprise with great power and determination with which they approach life. Their qualities, however, do not do not lie in prompt decisions and spontaneous reactions. On the contrary, they take their time and they think the matter over and consider all the alternatives. If they finally make a decision they go for it directly. They are tenacious, hardworking and ambitious people. They often set a difficult goal but it is never meaningless or foolish.

They are stubborn, obstinate, extraordinarily diligent and ambitious. Their success comes a bit later but it stands on solid ground. They do one thing properly rather than doing more things which they know they will never finish. They should remember there are other things than work, too. They should learn to enjoy life, take a rest and reduce their discipline. People born in the totem of Swan love exploring supernatural and mystic things but they stay realistic.

It seems as if they sometimes want to reach the heaven but they always safely return to the ground where they feel most comfortable. They need to touch everything and they want to have a rational proof in their hand. They are often people who first get to know the outer world and after that they turn "inside" and they get to know their own mind. They immerse within their soul an thanks to their analytical thinking they can come to an interesting conclusion. It does not necessarily mean that they will find deep life truth but I believe that learning about yourself is the first step on a journey of discovery. As I wrote above, people born in the totem of Swan take their time before they decide. The same applies to their relationship. They can outwardly seem to be emotionally cold people as they are not used to express their feelings too quickly. Be tolerant and patient. Give them tolerance and patience. If a Swan decides for you, you have won. Thanks to their diligence and skills they will provide you a nice home.

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