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Taurus - horoscope 2019


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Your effort to work at full blast will be fully visible in 2019. Your greatest virtues such as endurance, stability and patience will bring the fruits of success. Not everything is good and you will have to go through an unfavourable period as well. You will have to make important decisions which will affect your future life. You may have a feeling that some of your efforts are vain and do not help you move forward but do not lose heart and try to endure this situation. Your success will come – later but even greater. You abound with ideas. Do not be afraid to make use of them on your way to happiness.


During the year 2019 your career will develop very slowly but steadily. Your daily routine will be full of hard and exhausting work but you will achieve great results and profit. Generally speaking, the best strategy for your career in 2019 is endurance. Jupiter and Pluto will have the major impact on your business results. Team cooperation will be your greatest support.


In the year 2019 your relationships will improve and get stronger. Jupiter and Pluto, that are imaginary rulers of your relationships, will protect your love. Do not let your or your partner´s ego interfere negatively in your relationship. Think of the mistakes of the past few years and draw a lesson from them which may help you both in the present and in the future. You can expect a long but beautiful journey in taking care of your love and relationship. Be reasonable when making decisions concerning long-term commitments.

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