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Zodiac Signs and Meanings - Taurus


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Taurus represent the principal of their self-effort – originally raw energy flowing from the sign of Aries starts to acquire a direction.
People born in this sign are usually associated with ownership, practicality, determination, will, resolution, etc. In humanistic astrology it represents the stage of strenghtening their self-esteem through their identification with the matter.

Period of Taurus (7 - 14 years)
The child is mainly interested by his/her own profit. From the age of seven years the child is increasingly confronted with the laws of the material world and is more and more urgently forced to follow certain templates and forms of good behaviour. The child´s spontaneity and playfulness is increasingly less accepted.

Taurus April 21 – May 1 - under the influence of Mercury
They have very advanced congnitive abilities. They have a good relationship with business and agriculture. They are melancholic.

Taurus May 2 – May 11 - under the influence of the Moon
They are dreamy, generous, indecisive and they have a flair for politics and literature.

Taurus May 12 – May 20 - under the influence of Saturn
They are antisocial, pessimistic, they fear of poverty and they enjoy the solitude.

Suitable precious stone:

Element : Earth
Dynamics : fixed
Ruler : Venus
Nature: melancholic
Lucky years: 27, 28, 31-45
Compatibility with: Virgo, Capricorn
Correlated colour: dark green
Correlated metal: copper
Inferior part of the body: neck
Sign stone: agate, emerald, malachnite, chrisocolla, rose quartz, coral, aventurine
Lucky numbers: 7, 49, 175, 1225
Lucky day: Wednesday
Lucky flower: forget-me-not
Spiritual protector: Hermes
Pleasant scent: Lysimachia
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