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Tigers are courageous and bold just as tigers in the animal kingdom. These people are often unconventional. They set their own rules and want other people obey them. They have an inventive and original spirit and they love competing. However, Tigers often have aggressive tendencies which may lead to hastiness.

As natural leaders they gain appreciation and status. However, they should not forget about needs of those who stand below them. Bad qualities of Tigers are resistance to compromises and distaste for taking into consideration other people´s needs. Tigers are sometimes firebrands.

Tigers sometimes lack stability and they succumb to their whims which is reflected in frequent changes of jobs. In the financial area Tigers are excessively generous and they count on luck. Some Tigers have frequent accidents. Most of the Tigersshould learn to be more patient.

Tigers seldom perform inferior jobs. They feel happy in jobs that bring new, difficult challenges. They like learning and they tend to get bored soon.

Tigers are very attractive, even though they do not necessarily have to be beautiful. Tigers are characterized by good manners, elegance and originality. These are qualities that distinguish a Tiger from the others. Even though it is not easy to tame them they are popular partners. They can use people against their will. Even though they seem to have settled down they need freedom and independence. That is why you should keep Tigers on a long leash.

They are sympathetic to Horses and Dogs. They do not get on well with Monkeys.

Famous people born in this sign:

Rosie O'Donnell, Jodie Foster, Emily Dickinson, Natalie Wood, Stevie Wonder, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Marilyn Monroe, Demi Moore, Sun Yat-sen, Garth Brooks, Rush Limbaugh, Lionel Ritchie, Kenny Rogers, Mel Brooks, Tom Cruise, Queen Elizabeth II, John Steinbeck, Jean Kirkpatrick, Paula Abdul, Leonardo DiCaprio, Peter Gabriel, Charles Lindbergh, Marco Polo, Mark Spitz, Ludwidg van Beethoven and Roberta Flack.

A chart of compatibility of this sign with other signs:

Rat - They do not have a need to spend time together and they have very few common hobbies. They tend to be cold to each other.

Ox - A relationship of these two signs is almost like a battlefield. They are not able to solve problems calmly and peacefully.

Tiger - They get on quite well to a certain extent. However, they can sometimes be unfriendly and indifferent towards each other in their relationship. They have a lot of objections to each other.

Rabbit - They do not take a liking to each other and they do not confide in each other. They tolerate the other one´s company but they feel no need to spend time together.

Dragon - They respect each other and are willing to work or even live together. There might be combats for the leading position but they are able to solve their disputes in a sensible way.

Snake - They think they cannot rely on each other and they mistrust one another. They are very cold to each other and sometimes they even feel antipathy towards each other. If they become enemies they are usually implacable.

Horse - A Horse is a pefrect partner for a Tiger. He/she is attracted by the Horse´s fast life pace and sexuality. Their marriage is usually happy.

Sheep - They usually do not have much to say to each other. They cannot agree on any rules that would bind them together. They do not have quarrels but there is no good reason why they should admire or love each other.

Monkey - These two signs are not able to look straight in each other´s eyes and solve their problems peacefully. They do not match.

Rooster - They behave quite reservedly towards each other. They often irritate each other and they are incapable of a sensible converstaion.

Dog - They are the best combination. They have a lot of common qualities and they are able to reach success in their relationship and at work.

Pig - They feel safe in each other´s company. They complement each other and they are predestined to live a happy and satisfied life.

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