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Indian horoscope - Wolf


People born between February 19 and March 20 are called "Wolves". These people are influenced by the water element (affection, emotions, empathy, spirituality) and they are ruled by the Northern wind that brings recovery and renewal. In Europian culture a wolf was a wanderer that was intended for killing. A wolf was a sign of a devil. In fairy tales it represented evil and its fangs meant death. In Indian mythology a wolf was a most frequently used being – a wolf appeared in many legends and tales. It was worshiped for its supernatural and mystic skills. It used to have a great importance in shamanic and magic rituals. It represented the obscure side of life.

It was quite difficult to see a wolf in a wild. If the Indians saw it it was considered great luck. Even though it does not look so a wolf is a shy and sensitive creature just as people born in the totem of Wolf which is the last sign in the Earth Circle. Their sensitivity is manifested in two directions – they are shy and timid out of the group in which they live. In contrast, in their group they are very caring, they intuitively sense the needs of the others, they can understand and help the others. They have a very gentle nature. They are afraid to express their emotions and they often cease them and they prefer to be in seclusion.

They are good-hearted, warm and trusting. More that once they become a targer of more predatory individuals who take advantage of them. Therefore it is not surprising that they escape to their dream world and they build barriers that are designed to protect them. They prefer planning their life in their fantasies and visions. With great interest they occupy themselves with mysterious matters they are close to things which are out of reality. However, if they must they are capable of huge defence. Attention! In this case they will clearly let you know that a wolf is a predator.

A person who was born in the sign of Wolf needs a partner who would hide him/her under protective wings and who would shield him/her. Such a person will get a great partner who is always ready to help, listen and stroke.

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