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People born between June 21 and July 21 are called "Woodpeckers". They are influenced by the water element (affection, emotions, empathy, spirituality), and they are ruled by the Southern wind (feeling, perception, empathy). The Indians saw in people born in the totem of a Woodpecker powerful healers. They believed that just as a woodpecker heals a tree from the inside and removes the pests, these people can also help others from the "inside". It was said that they were able to see the cause of the affliction thanks to their sensibility, empathy and listening skills. They were doctors of souls.

The Indians considered trees an important manifestation of life and an integral part of the Great Mother – the earth. Every tree had a soul therefore someone who was able to cure a tree had to be endowed with great power. Woodpeckers care a lot about the relationships with other people. They would often give themselves away just to make sure everything is in order. If there is a dispute they bear it with difficulties but again they start their job and try to make peace between the opponents. They are often shy and timid people and it often happens that due to their sensitive nature they build a barrier against the outer world just to protect themselves from the hash attacks. Sensitivity does not mean weakness.

They are not weak – they are strong personalities and it is difficult to tame them. They follow their goals in silence. They sometimes get moody which is caused by their increased perception. Because of other people they often forget about themselves. They like the feeling of being needed and with extraordinary patience and self-denial they try to help others. They make great friends. They always reward people who show them affection.

It is an anormous luck to have a Woodpecker as a friend and to share the warmth of home with him. Their priority is to ensure harmony and peace and they want to take care of their loved ones. However, this solicitude may result in exaggerated custody – especially parents tend to tie wings to their children and they purposefully postpone their gaining of independence.

A Woodpecker-offspring tries to stay by the family hearth as long as possible. His/her parents should help them gain independence. It may be difficult but it is definitely worth it. It usually does not last long and they start building their own nest where soon small woodpeckers will chirp.

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