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An I-ching prophecy


One of the methods of the fortune-telling is using six coins.

Stop the coins ...

I-ching book, sometimes also called Book of changes, is a Chinese classic book from the late Shang-Yin dynasty and the early Chou dynasty (the oldest parts date back to the 12th 11th century before Christ). The book was originally used as a prophecy manual, later it was supplemeted with main ideas of Confucianism and it was also influenced by Taoist ideas.
It is probably the oldest preserved philosophical text. The basic frametrigrams (pa-kua) and 64 hexagrams (a connection of two trigrams and their combinations).

The book was considered a compendium of the highest truth. For a correct interpretation you need and insight into the world of symbols and an ability to understand their hidden meaning.

One of the methods of the fortune-telling is using six coins. Take six coins, warm them up in your left hand (the left hand is closer to the heart) and at that point ask a question to which you want to find an answer.

Spread these coins and note down the combination head/tail. On the following page you can set your combination.

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