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Magical sigil for today:

„ The people from my neighborhood will stop keeping secrets. ”

Love daisy


Have you ever tried to ask daisies whether a particular person does like you?
Now you have the chance to tear off the petals of the daisy online!

Think of your beloved and click on the petals...

Discuss the topic :
(26.03.20 / 16:40)
He loves me!
(28.02.20 / 03:16)
To trust the daisy, or not? To trust the daisy, or-
Omg he loves me
(03.11.19 / 07:18)
She loves me? Yay!
(21.06.19 / 09:06)
He loves me
(23.02.19 / 05:12)
I wish he would love me it would be easy to fix things beetween us cause I miss him
(21.11.18 / 02:21)
If only he really did love me. What a wonderful thing that would be