Love calculators and predictions

Love can torment anyone, and that at any age. We present various love fortune tellings and love caltulators - some are for amusement, others for reflection. We will try to entertain the lovers in love and comfort those with the suffering soul.

Love and relationship

Love calculator
Online relationship calculation. New!
Love daisy
He loves you... Loves you not?
Ask our magic love daisy...
Pyramid of Venus
Magic table to predict love and friendship.
Baby Doll Evolette
Love and friendship oracle for those who ask.

Love tarot readings

Yes or No Tarot
The most frequent way to get a clear answer.
Tarot of the Day
A different card and a different prophecy for each day.
6 Cards
An easy prophecy for an easy question.
Celtic Cross
A popular Tarot way to answer a question.
The Spirit of the Age
The Spirit of the Age – emotional powers, inspirations and strenghteners of skills.
Three Cards
This interpretation is used when you need to clarify your desires and needs. New!
Your relationship interpretation
If you have a suspicion that things are different than they look like. New!
The Oracle of Love
Find out how the other person feels about you. What kind of relationship is the other person looking for?
Levels of relationship
Practical interpretation which will reveal the future of the relationship and how to proceed in it. New!
New Love
Even in if case you want to continue a relationship with somebody you have hurt. New!

Discuss the topic Love fortune telling:

Anonym Ian / (09.09.22)
Will MY crush and i date for the rest of the year

Anonym Sonya / (07.09.22)
Will he try to give us a new chance

Anonym Twig / (14.07.22)
Will what my husband and I passing through ever end and live happily again

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