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Lunar calendar - daily forecast

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Today - 29. lunar day (23.1.2020)

ubývajícíMoon phase: Waning moon
Ruling zodiac sign: Capricorn

Third quarter
In this period it is necessary to take the responsibility and deal with your commitments. You may be wasting your time grieving over a bad cooperation with your unreliable partners. Because of a lot of duties you have no time to think about any fun and joy. You often have difficulties with making new contacts. Due to your impatience you unnecessarily lose a lot of energy and you do not reach satisfactory results. Even though you sometimes forget about your principles you should avoid making final judgements which are later difficult to change. Reduce unimportant social events. Loneliness can be beneficial if you are thinking of a better future, which, at this time, is not far away.

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