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„ My loved ones will be fine. ”

Lunar calendar - daily forecast

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Today - 9. lunar day (16.10.2018)

přibývající, I. čtvr 20:02Moon phase:
Ruling zodiac sign: Capricorn

First quarter
It takes place 7 or 8 days after the new moon and it is a period of relax or fulfilment. New plans have already begun and now it is possible to judge them and evaluate them. A family life gains importance. People do not want to spend too much time on profitless delights. They need to give live prospects and order. Even everyday issues seem to be interesting. It is a favourable period for purchasing property because you can more than ever rely on your own judgement. A danger of improper valuation of chances sometimes leads to excessive caution. It is also a good period for hard work and for laying foundations for the future: everything must be tangible and real.

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