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Magical sigil for today:

„ I will embrace good luck and lots of wealth. ”

Magical sigil for every day

The Magical sigil is a unique symbol that strengthens a particular vital life decision or situation. This unique symbol is charged by concentrating your inner energy and helping to realize the planned intent. Draw the selected symbol in a visible place so that you can see it as much as possible during the day. Ideal is a piece of paper on your desk, or you can take a photo of it and wear it as a phone wallpaper.

Actual magical sigils:
Today: I will embrace good luck and lots of wealth.I discover all the lies that threaten me.I will get new friends.I am doing everything to improve my health.All my mistakes will be fixed.I can forget and the past will not reach me.My mind is focused and productive.I am going to live better because I deserve it.My loved ones will be fine.Every betrayal will be reflected in the direction of its designer.My secret will not be revealed.True love will find me.All the bad luck will leave me.My chosen one will notice me.Our relationship remains firm and is threaten by no one.I will attract only people with good intentions.New sigil tomorrow ...
Only 16 current sigils are displayed, each day the list is shifted and another seal is displayed.
However, the use of the sigils is unlimited in time, the list is shortened mainly for reasons of clarity.

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