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Fortune telling:
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Magical sigil for today:

„ True love will find me. ”

Magical sigil for every day


„ I will attract only people with good intentions. ”

The Magic Seal is a unique symbol that reinforces a particular life decision or marginal situation. This unique feature is charged by concentrating your inner energy and thus helps you to achieve the planned intention.  Paint the selected symbol in a visible place so that it is as visible to you as possible during the day. A piece of paper on your desk is ideal, or you can take a picture with your phone and carry it with you as wallpaper.

Actual magical sigils:
Today: True love will find me.All the bad luck will leave me.My chosen one will notice me.Our relationship remains firm and is threaten by no one.I will attract only people with good intentions.My partner will take our relationship more seriously.The people from my neighborhood will stop keeping secrets.My situation will improve.My secret wish is fulfilled.Everything negative will leave me alone.Bad powers have no power over me.The people in this house will be happy.My situation will get better.I will easily solve all the troubles that are coming.My coworker will not make me any trouble.I can handle every situation with ease.Another seal tomorrow ...
Only 16 current seals are displayed, the list is scrolled every day and the next seal is displayed. However, the use of seals is unlimited in time, the list is shortened mainly for clarity.

Where does the magic seal come from? +

The way the seal is used and our subconscious. +

How to use the magic seal correctly? +

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Zel / (11.02.20)
I really hope so🙏

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