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Numerology of your name Every letter of your name is shaping your reality.

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Numerology – name analysis

In numerology numbers are the key for exploring the connections existing in a human´s actions and behaviour. They are gentle energies when every number vibrates in a different dimension. Every number is very specific and it cannot be changed with a different one.

Numerological analysis
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Numerology of your name
Every letter of your name is shaping your reality.
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Past life
Calculation Method for Finding Your Past Life.
Siutable name for the child?
If you have a newborn baby you'll certainly want to know what you may expect.

According to the quantity and variety numerology helps us reveal different vibrations of each of us. These are energies that we chose before our coming to this planet and with their help we are able to understand which trials and directions we have chosen. We must take into consideration not only our date of birth but also the time we live in. People who were born on a similar date in the last century and had a similar or same grid would probably behave in a different way because the vibrations of their time influenced them in a different way.

Individual numbers have an influence on a certain vibrational level and no matter if we want or not they influence us with or without our permission.

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