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Eagle (Ghost )

The eagle that is now sitting on your card is a godsend. It has come to show you how important freedom is and how important it is to relax and free yourself from worries, pains and troubles. Enjoy the connection with something higher, superior and stronger than we actually are. Your eagle will allow you follow it into the heights you have never dreamt of. Enjoy the gift from the heaven that has been sent to you through their messenger – the eagle – and find freedom and peace of mind.

Eagle, show me how to fly high, how to touch the sky with the soul, how to accept the learning from those who watch over us.
An eagle, a majestic ruler of the sky. Its territory starts on the ground and ends at the Divine gates high in the clouds. We can learn from all preserved sources and various periods of human existence that an eagle has always been a sacred bird that was the messenger of the gods and the bearer of a magic power. Yet ancient shamans and healers added its feathers into their jewels so that it gave them strength and power and so that it helped them spiritually connect with gods they worshipped.

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Falcon (Messenger )

This card encourages you to have a look at your life from the bird´s eye view. Try – just as a falcon – to free yourself from the ground and from everything that binds you to it and fly up to the heaven. In the absolute peace that will surround you there, and with a clear head, have a think about everything that has been the most important to you so far. Organize your priorities and you will be surprised with all the new things you will see.

Falcon, teach me to get over everything with ease – just as you fly over the mountain peaks with grace and lightness.
A falcon stretches its wings and it flies over our heads with lightness. It does not miss anything. It can see what is going on down on the ground from the best perspective and with a bird´s eye view. It passes by with ease and grace. With a minimum of natural enemies it can deal with everyday difficulties without any problem.

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Elk (Energy and life zest )

The card of an elk shows you that you should – just as the elk – search for the company of people with similar interests or goals. In the middle of your „herd“ you will be much more safe from the predators. The company of people with similar thinking will help you develop yourself. Do not forget that wit, intelligence and endurance will help you deal with all obstacles – and not just beasts.

Elk, teach me to walk relentlessly, full of energy and with the head up.
An elk is a very noble animal. It walks with its herd proudly and light-heartedly, with its head up. It is not, never was and never will be the biggest predator and hunter in the nature. It will always have a lot of natural enemies but it is not scared though. It knows pretty well that strength and endurance are often more effective than sharp teeth. It is sometimes much better to exhaust or discourage the enemy rather than fight with it.

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