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The Ace of Heart is traditionally called a “home card“. It can represent a desire for affection and love, it also represents a relationship at its beginning. It often indicates good news which may come from a family member or friend. It indicates the end of a long dispute with another person (or group of people) and a significant calming of the situation.

If you are single, do not be afraid of opportunities to meet new people. Your way to love is exceptionally open now. Heart Ace promises significant emotional fulfillment even to those who are in a relationship. You can await a romantic evening and during which you will close all the unsolved issues.

Remember, that nothing is for free though. You have to meet love and happiness halfway. Nobody will do things instead of you and this concerns also the first step.

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The Three of Heart can mean indecisiveness in affection or love matters. There may be two or more love interests at the same time. This indecisiveness on one hand can mean more fun and joy, on the other hand it could bring fear. Generally, there is a danger that people around you can behave in an unexpected way. Be exceptionalyl cautious, do not react to potential slander because it may end up in public shame.

If there is a child or an elderly person around you, this card can mean the beginning of a cold or another common illness.

If you are in a relationship, this card can tell you that you are not active enough in it. Try to think how you can possibly improve the relationship and work on it.

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The Queen of Hearts represents a mature, strong woman who is not afraid to show her emotions. She is loving and caring but sometimes too emotional. This card may also represent a devoted mother or a pregnant woman, a passionate lover or just a dreamed-of romantic image. If you are in a relationship this card can indicate a satisfied marriage.

On yur way to your goal e empathetic and caring, but at the same time do not let anyone take advantage of you. If you are waiting for an outcome of an ongoing negotiation, it is probable that it will work out in your favour.

This card also announces that your patience has brought fruit and that your goal, whatever it is, is within reach.

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