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Skunk (Reputation )

This is exactly what the card of a skunk tells you. Be yourself. Do not try to fit in a group of people who are different. If you stop behaving according to what you think people expect from you and start behaving according to who you really are you will see that you will attract a much more interesting group of people in front of whom you can be open and you do not have to be afraid to be yourself. Your spontaneity will help you get rid of those who would like to do harm to you or hurt you. It is the same with skunks.

Skunk, teach me how to bind somebody to me, but also how to get rid of them.
It is a small but a very feared and respectful animal, even though it does not represent any danger to other creatures´ lives. People do not like it even though it does not attack them physically. But if you get to know a skunk closer you find out that in fact it is a playful and ingenuous, but also quite self-confident and energetic animal. It behaves naturally under all circumstances and despite its defense capabilities – or maybe thanks to them – it is very attractive for others.

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Butterfly (Metamorphosis )

With the waving of its wings over your card the butterfly has brought fresh breeze into your life. Maybe you have already spent a long time of your life as an inconspicuous larva – or you have been hiding in a safe cocoon longer than necessary. It is time to leave this bleak stage and finally transform into a beautiful butterfly that everybody will admire. Now it is the right time to make some progress in your life. The time of a transformation has come. Follow the signs around you and do not be afraid to take a new direction. Even if there is no butterfly to be seen, do not worry. It will a good and reliable patron.

Butterfly, only you know what it is like to be first pushed away, then ignored and eventually admired by all. Guide me through my metamorphosis so that I too can transform from a chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly.
A butterfly is a mysterious master of metamorphosis. Only a few creatures of the mother nature go through so many stages of development as butterflies. They transform from an egg into a larva that many of us find disgusting. The larva then hides into a chrysalis, from which it is finally reborn into a beautiful butterfly.

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Porcupine (Innocence )

The card of a porcupine brings the message of goodness and faith. „Believe and your faith will heal you.“ It is a belief in something big, something that exceeds our understanding. A belief in finding the right life path, correct employment and the place itself. Open yourself to others and tell them about your joys you have lately experienced. Look at the world with the eyes of a naive child and instead of prejudices just try to believe.

Porcupine, teach me humility and help me to see the goodness, equality and fraternity in people.
A porcupine has spines. A lot of spines. Despite their quantity they are not a challenge to fight but a warning for those who would like to abuse their goodness and betray their trust. These strange animals are easy to abuse. They are friendly, playful, nice and sensitive. If you become a friend of a porcupine you will get stuck in its heart forever. But beware! If you hurt it you will never get a chance to take it back.

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