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Past life


To find out information about your past life we may use tarot cards, classic pendulum or other traditional ways of divination. You can also use ways that are directly created for this purpose. Here we offer you a calculating way.

Calculation according to the date of birth :

First name :
Birth surname :
Date of birth :
 _  Place of birth :

Discuss the topic Past life:
(20.06.19 / 00:46)
don't trust this,bc it's fake.And don't believe it because there is no pass life. Its just illusions and human believes.
(18.04.19 / 00:56)
It said I was a nursemaid in Poland and died at the age of 45.
(17.04.19 / 21:07)
Anonym Aru
(22.01.19 / 11:38)
It's alright 😶
(13.01.19 / 13:23)
Kind of silly...
(25.12.18 / 21:38)
wow ! I was born in Portugal and was an alchemist , died quite young though - 47 ! Nice reading .. i coukd say some kind of accurate :)
Anonym anon
(18.11.18 / 05:59)
reading result- murderer from Siberia