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Rune reading - rune Teiwaz


  Rune: Teiwaz

  Meaning: God Tyr

The rune Teiwaz belongs to god Tyr – a one-armed goid of wars and victories. Northern god Tyr is the guardian of imopartial justice. His rune promises a perfectly fair trial which always decides in favour of the part that is really in the right – regardless of the profit or loss that may thereby incurre. It warns us before unfair actions, no matter how profitable it would be for the whole. But it is necessary to understand the justice really in divine, absolute sense – not as human justice. This rune is therefore primarily the sign of balance of principles.

Stop exploring the universe, since it is hidden in yourself. As soon as you understand it you will be trully powerful. Focus on your friends whom you have for some reason lost and try to establish good relations again. You are connected by a great work you must do together and all of you will benefit from it. It takes a lot of patience and efforts of all involved. And do not forget about one thing – your real enemy can be just yourself.

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