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Your Indian Card? The mystery of your life journey is in Indian cards!

Magical sigil for today:

„ Every betrayal will be reflected in the direction of its designer. ”

Tarot Card of the Day


Tarot cards are shuffled and waiting until you select one of them. Focus on today and randomly select one card. If you interpret in the evening, the day's card will reveal what you could learn during the day or what influenced it all day.

We wish good luck!

Think about it and select one card that works the most:

To make sense, we recommend choosing only one card a day.

Discuss the topic Card of the Day:

Tarot?? / (23.03.20)
Why are the interpretations negative. Yuck

Sumbfounded / (08.01.20)
Well I guess according to the cards life is all about creepy people trying to hurt me. How bout letís not and say we did

Seek / (06.01.20)
If you ever see a man with eyes that scare you. My prayers are with you. I was assaulted itís related. He tried to hurt me a second time also and itís his eyes so scary what a monster

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