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Magical sigil for today:

„ I can handle every situation with ease. ”

The Card of the Day - Prince of Cups


You have chosen a card that symbolizes today's day.

Your card of the day:

Prince of Cups

Try to dream with your eyes open – you may notice new opportunities. This card represents a godly boundary between dreams and reality. However, you must not be too naive. If somebody offers you an invitation, amorous gesture or reconciliation, accept it with your heart open. You can expect praise or promotion in your job. You deserve it. Always keep nice appearance and gentle behavior. Your relationship needs more freedom. Do not be so dependent on your partner.

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Anonym R / (06.09.20)
Is he my soulmate?

Anonym Rttr / (28.08.20)
Is he my soulmate,?

Anonym Rttr / (28.08.20)
Is he my soulmate?

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